Merrillville Conservancy District



1963-2016                                                  TELEPHONE: (219) 472-8000
OVER 53 YEARS OF SERVICE                   FACSIMILE: (219) 980-8035


I. MCD’s New Internet On-Line Bill Payment

Beginning with the MCD bill that will be mailed on approximately September 15, 2016, MCD customers will be able to use MCD’s new internet on-line bill paying service. Customers interested in using MCD’s on line bill paying service can now access it by visiting MCD’s website at,, and following the instructions.

II. Permissible Sources of Payment for MCD Bills

MCD’s bills can be paid using any of the following financial options:

A. Cash payment may only be made in person at MCD’s office at MCD’s drive-up window or at the customer service window located directly inside MCD’s front door. Do not mail cash payments to MCD;

B. Checks, bank drafts, or money orders submitted in person or by mail;

C. Credit cards, debit cards, stored value cards, or other bank cards; or

D. Electronic funds transfer by automatic electronic bill payment to MCD from the customer’s bank, credit union, or savings and loan bank.:

1. This can be set up in advance by completing “MCD’s Automatic Bill Payment (ACH) Enrollment Form” and returning it to MCD. This form may be obtained at MCD’s office or downloaded from MCD’s website at, MCD’s staff will be glad to assist MCD’s customers with the proper completion of this form. MCD will submit the completed form to the customer’s banking institution.

2. Customers can also use other electronic payment services that may be offered by their banking institutions.

III. $2.95 Convenience Fee Charged for each Credit Card, Debit Card, or On-Line Payment

MCD’s customers must pay a $2.95 convenience fee for each internet on-line bill payment; and each credit card, debit card, stored value card, or other bank card payment. Each credit card, debit card, stored value card, or other bank card payment is limited to a maximum amount of Two Hundred Dollars ($200) per payment.

No convenience fee will be charged for payments made by cash, check, bank draft, money order, or electronic funds transfer (ACH or other form of electronic bill payment).

IV. 10% Late Payment Fee

Payments must be paid by the due date stated on MCD’s bills. Payments are posted on the day they are actually received by MCD. Any payment received by MCD after the due date is late, regardless of when it was post marked. A 10% late payment fee will be charged if full payment is not received on or before the due date. There is no grace period past the due date.


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